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Customer Care / FAQ's


Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a printed catalog. Canterbury Cabin is constantly developing and adding new products to our product line. The website functions as our catalog, which helps keep our prices low and reduce paper usage, which in turn helps the environment.

Do you use a preservative in your lotion?

Our lotion/hand & body crème is preserved with a skin-safe preservative. Preservatives are necessary in order to keep our products fresh and to protect our products from the hazards of bacteria.

Do you have a store front/ retail location?

Canterbury Cabin is an internet based business and does not have a store front.  

What types of oils do you use to scent your products?

Canterbury Cabin has a line of Essential Oil soaps that are made only using high-quality, natural essential oils.

We also have a line of Phenomenal Fragrance Oil soaps that are made using skin-safe fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are used when there is no naturally occurring essential oil for that scent or if the essential oil is cost-prohibitive for soapmaking.

What is the difference between an Essential Oil and a Fragrance Oil?

An Essential Oil is derived from a botanical fruit, leaf, root, stem, nut or flower via cold press process or steam distillation. Pure grade essential oils are 100% natural.

A Fragrance Oil is manufactured to be nature-identical where there is no essential oil or for essential oils that are cost prohibitive.

Are your products hypo-allergenic? Contain Nuts or milk?

We do not make any claims about our products. Many of our products contain natural ingredients which may have been derived from nuts or contain nut oils. Some of our products contain goat milk.

Do you use Tallow or Lard in your soap?

We do not use Tallow or Lard in our soapmaking process. While tallow and lard can be used to make perfectly good soap, we have made a personal decision not to use them in our soap.  

Is there a proper way to care for soap?

Between uses, all soap should be stored on a self-draining soap dish. It needs to be kept high & dry, out of water between uses in order to extend the life of the soap and help prevent it from getting a 'smushy' bottom.

Do you use Lye to make your soap?

Yes. All soap is made from lye, either sodium hydroxide (hard soap) or potassium hydroxide (liquid soap).

Soap cannot be made without lye. When the chemical reaction between the fatty acids and the lye is complete, there is no lye left in the fully saponified soap. No Lye, No Soap, No Lie.

Do your Soy Candles contain lead wicks?

No. All our candles are made with lead-free, eco-friendly, cotton wicks.

Why are there white spots on my candles?

Soy wax is very finicky to work with. It tends to mottle or frost if the air is too humid, if poured a little too warm, or just happens with some fragrance oils. We do not use additives to prevent this from happening. It is especially noticeable in colored candles, which is why many soy candles are made without color. The white mottling/frosting does not affect the burning performance of the soy candle.

Are your candles soot-free?

No candle can burn soot-free.  Any time there is a flame and a fuel source (the wax), there will be some soot. However, soy wax does tend to burn cleaner than paraffin wax. We do test all of our candles for the proper wick size which helps to maximize candle-burning performance.

Do you test your products on animals?

Our products are cruelty-free. They are not tested on animals, only on willing family members and friends who enjoy the new samples.


If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact us via email at info@canterburycabin.com.



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